Fundraising and How you can help

Your Notes of Hope

I carry to this day the scars of a difficult childhood. I have learnt to fight off my demons when they visit and sometimes writing down my troubles and throwing them away helps me to stay in control.

As part of my journey I want to help anyone experiencing, grief, anxiety, depression, or anything that is troubling them by sending me a note of hope.

For a donation of any amount to my charity page, you can send me a message to All messages will be completely confidential. I will print that message on environmentally friendly dissolvable paper and every week during my ocean challenge, I will read out your Christian name (optional) and message either live if possible, or recorded and symbolically cast your troubles into the Atlantic Ocean to dissolve away. I hope by doing this it goes someway to alleviate any issue you may have.

Donate to have a Note of Hope using Givewheel

How You Can Help?

Please feel free to organise your own event to help raise funds for my charities. Your charity event will be highlighted on our webpage and through our social media so be innovative, challenge yourself, bake, run, walk, row on land...anything to help raise funds for our fabulous charities! 

Good luck and thank you for your support!